Exclamations like woe, alas, oh, dear me, o my God, etc. used by an individual aftermath any unwanted or undesired happening in life and then we use sentences like; I/We could have…, I/We should have.., I knew but… and finally as the saying goes

“Prevention is better than cure”

And that is for very sure as it has been rightly said that it is better to try to keep an awful thing from happening than it is to fix the awful thing once it has happened.

You may have heard an old story about three fishes living in a pond which was linked to the river through canal. Among the three fishes, one of the fish was intelligent and one day that fish said to other fishes that if the summer comes, the connecting tunnel will be dried out and so they will have to live in an insecure pond and if somebody wants to catch them they will not be able to escape. The other fishes laughed and ignored the advise but the intelligent fish swam through the canal to the river. Summer came and the canal dried up and the water level in the pond also went down. One day some fishermen came and they caught all the fish along with the other two fishes and they died. Thus, learning is “prevention is better than cure” which is applicable in our everyday life.

Similarly, In sickness we realize the importance of health as we take our health for granted;then we introspect ourselves, we realize that we should not take our health for granted as good health is a gift from The Almighty. Therefore, It should, be cherished and not neglected.

The lesson from the instances are same, when we are healthy or not sick, we are least bothered about our health even some light pain from body which could be a sign of unhealthiness (as humans have a natural feedback mechanism inside their body which indicates/warns from time to time); we avoid and live with it and one day we pay for it when it become severe in nature.

preventive Health statisticsConsider the fact, in a developing country like India which has a huge population and increasing urbanization in turn majority of urban Indians prone to lifestyle diseases and with less than 0.1% of population doing preventive checkups even we know that preventive health checkups are something that is needed every year or may be twice in a year but we don’t do.

The reason being, Indians have a very casual approach towards health, we all have heard about ‘Prevention is better than cure’, since our school days but hardly anyone of us implement it in our life. We forget to put it to practice and take chances with something which is most precious i.e. our health.

One more aspect of preventive healthcare is finding and treating disease in the initial stage or earliest as we know that some kind of illness hits everyone eventually, but many diseases when caught early can be cured completely even the disease like cancer.


People often argue over health Vs wealth answering to those, no one can argue that the healthcare services are expensive but it is equally are preventing disease can help to avoid a large financial loss or bankruptcy.According to me, it should be considered as an investment. Consider one more proverb says “A stitch in time saves nine.”

Now-a-days we have preventive healthcare services online which offer services like doctors’ search, preventive health checkups packages, healthcare tips, surgical procedures as well as various inoculations, are all evidences of treatments to prevent disease, rather than cure it.

So, it is important to be aware and educated about sickness/symptoms of diseases and available services which can prevent it like preventive health checkups which are nothing but a shield which keeps you healthy.

Preventive healthcareAbove all, start working on your healthy habits as adopting positive healthy practices doesn’t take that long and then I guarantee that you will thank yourself later by being healthier, happier, longer and enjoying life with your loved ones.

 Remember don’t leave it on tomorrow as Kabir said in one of his couplets:

“Kaal Kare So Aaj Kar, Aaj Kare So Ab Pal Mein Pralaya Hoyegi, Bahuri Karoge Kab”

“Tomorrows’ work do today, today’s work now, If the moment is lost, the work be done how”

Listen to your body and get your preventive health checkup done today.

Lets’ make our society, our nation healthy and happy

 Lets’ get healthy jaldi…